There are still two or three details to finish, but for the most part the kitchen is done.  I can finally share a few photos with you. 

kitchen 007

The above is my favorite shot.  Here’s a “before” picture–look how busy and dark it was!

kitchen wallpaper teardown 016

We actually can’t believe how much brighter the kitchen is right now.  I didn’t think this little room on the northwest corner of the house could even BE bright, but it is.  The paint makes such a difference.

kitchen 005

The framed print is an original by my daughter, Rose.  It’s a bike she drew last year (age 9) for an art class, and I have wanted to frame and hang it ever since.  I thought it fit the “french country” theme of the kitchen quite well.  I got the clock for $1.99 at Kohl’s.  The lower plate is “Wicker Dale” by Spode and was given to us by my Grandma as a wedding gift–14 years later I finally have it hanging!  The top plate is Royal China’s “Willow Ware”, and I’m always on the lookout for more of those.  The wall needs a little something more, don’t you think?  I’m working on it.

Here’s another “before”:

kitchen wallpaper teardown 019

…during the teardown.  Here’s an “after” shot of that same corner:

kitchen 002

This “total kitchen makeover” cost less than $200!  Here’s the breakdown:

3 gallons Behr paint (Ultra Pure White and a custom khaki color) and a brush: $84
1 can “hammered brown” spray paint: $7 (for door and drawer pulls)
tile and supplies: $50
clock: $1.99
frame and mat: $9
a bunch of white canisters from Goodwill: $15
the perfect oak table at Goodwill: $20 (priceless, really–it was exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it!)

Everything else I either had, or was given, or scrounged for free.  Of course, a lot of elbow grease went into this, too, but we don’t pay ourselves!

I wasn’t sure I’d like the dark handles on the white doors, but now I think it looks pretty good.  We really didn’t have the money to buy all new hardware, and because there’s a little plastic thing-y on the hinges, we couldn’t paint them at all.  So by spray painting the door and drawer pulls with the hammered brown Rustoleum paint, we have managed to match the hinges well enough and get rid of the hideous greenish brass 70s look that they’d sported before.

I’d really like new countertops (either maple butcher block or darker wood) and a new sink and faucet.  Money is too tight for now, however, so I’ll keep dreamin’.   

This week, we’ve started on our bedroom painting.  Wish us luck!  We’re exhausted already…