Ooh, you guys were all waiting with bated breath for the basement reveal, weren’t you?  Ha ha!  I doubt it.  Still, we worked hard and it’s clean, if not completely “decorated” yet.  I’m really happy it’s mostly done.  Now George can host his music lessons in the room, and when his parents come to visit from Virginia next month, we’ll be sticking ’em in the basement!  (I think they’ll like it, actually…)

Some photos:

project desk and game shelves

project desk and game shelves

Rose calls this "the lounge"

Rose calls this "the lounge"

basement clean! 004

complete with "early 90s" dorm-style entertainment center, phonograph included

complete with “early 90s” dorm-style entertainment center, phonograph included
even the closet is clean

even the closet is clean, Rose's dress-up shoes not included

Next for this room is a guest bed (it will fit near the desk), some sheer white curtains on the little windows, and a few more bits of art work.  The watercolors above the couch are from the kids’ preschool days and I can see in my haste to take these photos I hung them too high.  This room is no “miracle”, magazine-worthy space, but it’s so functional now.  It was the room we stashed stuff into it five years ago when we moved in, so it really needed a cleaning out.  Several boxes of stuff will go on the August garage sale, and quite a bit went into the trash.  Now, if we can just keep more from accumulating…

Now we’re working on the kitchen.  Here’s the spot on the ceiling that George is repairing, after years of bathroom leaks (no structural damage, thankfully, just plaster damage).

basement clean! 008

And here’s George measuring for tile on the backsplashes:

basement clean! 009

For basement before photos, click here.  For kitchen before photos, click here.