Thursdays at my blog are supposed to be about books I’m reading, but since I’m too busy garage sale-ing, home remodeling, and keeping up with having both hubby and dear daughter home for the summer, I haven’t gotten through last week’s books. So I’m going to instead give you some links I’m loving lately.

First, I can’t get through a day lately without popping over to Chez Larsson for my daily dose of clean, pristine, beautiful and inspiring.  Benita, like me, is a Martha Stewart fan (though she, I would say, is much more of a fanatic than me–she keeps every issue of Martha in a cabinet whereas I always pass on magazines after a few months).  I think it’s the only “clutter” Benita has, though, and she certainly doesn’t let them become clutter–like everything the magazines have their designated place in her home.

She writes from her small home in Stockholm, Sweden.  Her English is perfect, somehow–someday I’d like to ask her about how she got to be so good at it, the slang and everything.  She is an organizer par excellence and she and her husband Martin and their teen-age son Willie make the most efficient use of their little Swedish house.  I get so inspired by all her projects.  And even just peeking into her kitchen drawers is a thrill!  (I think maybe you have to be a little bit of a neat freak, or at least long for neatness, to feel that way…)

Another blog I’m checking often is The Farm Chicks.  Being an “urban homesteader” and a farm girl at heart, I love that Serena and Teri celebrate the beautiful things about our nation’s farm heritage.  They, like me, love vintage aprons and all things “country”, but with a modern touch.

I had a chance to look through their new book, The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen: Live Well, Laugh Often, Cook Much, at Barnes and Noble the other day and I loved it!  In fact, I keep wanting to go back just to look at it and read some more.  They have great recipes and cute homey ideas, but I also loved the background stories of these two women.  Serena grew up with hippy parents and Teri grew up on a farm; they both tell their story well in this Country Living-published book.  I am definitely going to buy it come pay-day!

Some other fairly new-to-me blogs I’m really enjoying lately are Lizzy Lane Farm, Cherry Hill Cottage (I linked to Tina’s Chocolate Cobbler recipe yesterday), and The Nourished Kitchen, just to name a few.  You can see other blogs I like on my various blog rolls in the sidebar.

Have fun perusing!