In lieu of posting my own recipe today, I’ll just send you all over to the very cute blog, Cherry Hill Cottage, to see the amazing recipe that Tina posted today for Chocolate Cobbler.  It looks so yummy and so easy!  You don’t even have to stir much…And she has great photos of the whole, easy process too.

(photo from Cherry Hill Cottage)

(photo from Cherry Hill Cottage)

I should say, I haven’t made it yet, but I will do so for the next get-together for sure.  I don’t see how anything could go wrong with it, given the ingredients list.;-)

Here’s a photo of this morning’s garage sale “stash”.  I’m in heaven because I found 13 vintage aprons in pristine condition for a quarter apiece!!!

some of today's garage sale haul--aprons, stool and cabinet door

some of today's garage sale haul--aprons, stool and free cabinet door

The little green stool was just a quarter, too.  I’m going to paint chalkboard paint on the white part of this free cabinet door, leave the red, and probably hang it in my kitchen when we’re done painting in there.  I also got three pairs of nice L.L. Bean women’s flannel jammies for $1-2 a set; one set was still in the package brand new!

I’m fast becoming a garage sale addict.  Today I had to borrow the ten bucks  from my kids because I’m broke. ;-( Pathetic, I know.  I had to get my fix, though!  And with this haul, boy am I glad I did.  Can you believe those aprons?!  I guess I have a collection now, adding these to the 8 or so I already had.  Some I will wear, others will go in a cabinet for now.  Maybe I’ll get a booth at a flea market one of these days…I have a knack for this stuff.