I feel like I’m still recovering from the long, beautiful Memorial Day weekend we had here in central Minnesota. We couldn’t have asked for better weather all three days–highs in the 70s, sunny, gentle breezes. Minnesotans everywhere were asking themselves, “what did we do to deserve this?” and worrying that something must be wrong. As Garrison Keillor often alludes, we’re very self-deprecating people, ya know. But then, if we think back to the horribly cold and long winter we just endured, maybe we should just take the past few days as a gift.

We did a lot of work in the garden. I won’t post photos today, since it’s too cloudy to go take some and most of it doesn’t look like much yet. But between George and I, we did a LOT of weeding, and besides flowers we planted 10 tomatoes; 8 peppers (was 9, but we lost one to the wind already); 48 square feet of potatoes and about as much in beans, pole and bush; 180 onion starts; 19 square feet of carrots; 8 cabbages; one square (4×4′) of various greens and peas; 2×2′ of beets; and a bit more miscellaneous. If we can find spaces, we might plant some more as we still have seed potatoes and tomato plants. If you live nearby and want some, stop on by! We hate to see them go into the compost pile…

On second thought, here’s George planting the onions we started from seed–but this is at our church’s new community garden.  We were planting over there on Saturday, too, along with half a dozen others who could be around on the holiday weekend…

little onion shoots from seed--we hope they turn into onions!

little onion shoots from seed--we hope they turn into onions!

Planting a garden is a lot about hope and faith, and a little about work.  Both on our own little “urban homestead” and at our church’s garden, we and others are hoping for good food, time in nature and community building this summer.  I’ve started a blog for my area’s new community garden network at www.stcloudcommunitygardensnetwork.wordpress.com.  Several new community gardens, and some established ones, are part of our network.  It’s so exciting to have all of this going on!